I love these long weekends. You get a chance to relax and spend some quality family time.

Today we visited Technopolis, a science centre in Mechelen, some 15 km north of Brussels. The place was absolutely fantastic, for children and adults alike.

It has some 280 interactive exhibits. They are all fun, exciting and instructive. You can land a plane, drive a car, build a house, stand in the middle of a soap bubble or lie on a bed of nails…if that’s your thing.

The kids just loved it. We spent the better part of three hours running from one place to another.

Belgian ”museums” have a tendency to be a bit run down (the Children’s museum in Brussels proves the case and point). This one certainly is not. As a matter of fact it is very modern, well managed and well planned.

If you live in the Brussels region or indeed a bit further away, Technopolis is a must.

Together with Paradisio, Technopolis is definately top-two in terms of kiddies activities in Belgium. Or perhaps you have some other suggestions?

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