If you have an urge to follow European affairs over the holidays, may I recommend the Record Europe programme.

I had the chance to participate in an end of the year discussion together with Michael Cashman, Syed Kamall and Kathalijne Buitenweg. The presenter Shirin Wheeler led our discussion about the reform treaty, Sarkozy, Brown and other issues.

The prgramme will be posted on the net  on 24 December. In the meanwhile you can watch it from this weekend until 7 January as follows:

BBC Parliament
Saturday 00.00, Sunday 18.00, Monday 11.00

BBC World
Saturday 16.30, Sunday 08.30

BBC News 24
Sunday 0630 GMT, Monday 0430 GMT

I think Record Europe is a great way to present, debate and dicuss EU affairs. The BBC should be applouded for it.