It was interesting to follow the international press coverage of the European Council last week. Most of the papers focused on competetiveness, energy policy and the services directive.

The basic message was the same: put your money where your mouth is. I.e. nice talk, but we want to see results.

Chatting with a school in Posio, Lapland.

The most interesting bit of the summit meeting was Chirac’s language protest. He left the meeting room when UNICE’s French President spoke English. Not necessarily the most mature thing to do…I’ll leave it to your better judgement to decide which monsieur I mean.

I suggested to my wife Suzanne that we could now invite Chirac to our place for a crash course in English. I got vetoed. After all, he did not respond to our dinner invitation last year. Oh well…Next time, perhaps.

Meeting Finnish stagiers from the Commission. In the back: Suvi Tuhkanen, Sanna Nikkanen. In the front: Pauliina Laine, Une Tyynila, Katriina Kuusniemi and Anni Haataja.