Today I met with my Nordic colleagues in Oslo. We discussed further development of Nordic foreign and security policy cooperation.

The meeting received an independent report on the topic compiled by Thorvald Stoltenberg, former defence minister and foreign minister of Norway. In June 2008 we appointed Stoltenberg to investigate the possibilities for Nordic cooperation in the field of foreign and security policy in a 10?15 year perspective.

In compiling the report, Stoltenberg was assisted by a high-level Nordic working group. The group members from Finland were former MP, researcher Ulla Anttila and Professor Tuomas Forsberg.

I consider the report a valuable input in the discussion of further development of Nordic cooperation. The importance of Nordic cooperation in foreign, security and defence policy is also stressed in Finland?s newly released security and defence policy report.

How do you see the 13 proposals in the report (link to the report can be found here)?