Ostimme uudet sohvat Suomesta. Tilasimme ne Lommilan Askosta. Ne tulivat perille tänne Belgiaan viime viikolla.

Halusin tässä tyytyväisenä kuluttajana kiittää erityisesti Leena Alhonpäätä Askosta. Harvoin saa niin loistavaa palvelua. Leena on todellinen tähti! Kiitos.

For those of you who might struggle with Finnish: we bought a sofa from Finland. It was deliverd to here to Belgium last week. 

And I wanted to extend a special thanks to Asko (the store) and Leena Alhonpää (the salesperson) for superb service.

Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the deliver firm, Schenker. Everything worked well at the Finnish end, but when the sofas arrived in Belgium everything started to go wrong.

The delivery ended up being five days late and the service of Schenker Belgium was rude and inefficient. It took me two hours to chase down the sophas by phone.

This is not a criticism of Belgium, I merely wonder how international companies like Schenker can survive with such appalling services. Last time I used them, that’s for sure.