Every Christmas I get a pile of Christmas cards. I go through them all. This year the best one of them all was Christofer Fjellner’s, my colleague’s, card. Got a good laugh reading it…

This is what his card says:

”Christmas joy knows no borders… unfortunately Christmas gifts do

Every year Santa and his reindeers travel the world bringing joy and happiness to us all. Christmas spirit knows no borders, yet unfortunately the gifts that he brings do.

Whenever santa delivers a present across a border, tariffs and trade barriers do their best to diminish the positive cheer. In my work as a Member of the European Parliament I strive to make sure that gifts, goods and services can be traded freely across borders so that we all make the most of Santa’s festive cheer.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

What a great card. Great job Christofer!