On the plane. On my way back from Finnish Kainuu (not far from Lapland) where I had a ”constituency day”. Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for Samoens in the French Alps. Can’t wait.
My assistant, Heli Lehtonen, sent me an amusing e-mail last night. Bulletin, a Brussels based weekly paper, had a story on homepages. It had the following quote:
”Forward-thinking Alex Stubb, a Finnish MEP, has also cottoned on to the value of political blogs. His website(www.alexstubb.com) is slick and not bad for a politician, but the blog reads a bit like a school textbook and is full of alarming male catalogue poses. A second career waits, if everything else fails.”
Good points. Next week this blog will have no catalogues. Only pictures from the French Alps… I’ll try to retain myself from excessive posing… Well, easier said than done.