Sometimes it is fun to unravel a working day through photos. This is what it all looked like today.

Breakfast with Josep Borrell, the President of the European Parliament. Topic: the Constitution.

Post breakfast discussions with fellow ”institutional nerds”: Leinen, Corbett, Voggenhuber and Duff.

TV interview with Czech television on the Finnish military service. Go figure…

Working lunch with civil servants from the Commission and the Parliament: Micha, Alegria, Lönnroth, Ehlers and Cosmidou. Topic: the cost of interpretation.

Meeting with Finnish lobbyists. 

Disturbing my assistants Lauri, Heli and Tero.

Sirkku Linna works in our politcal group in the Finnish Parliament. She is checking out the EP scene with us for three months.

On the phone.

Negotiating a resolution against homophobia together with Heli Lehtonen (my assistant) and Adam Isaacs who works for our political group. 

The corridors of the parliament are starting to fill up.

Taking the floor in our group on the latest developments of the Duff-Voggenhuber report on the constitution.