I had a great experience yesterday. I went out biking with Arnaud, Jochen and Armin. We did a bit over 100 km in the southern parts of Belgium. It took us less than four hours, with an average speed of 28 km/h.

It was a first for me. Due to my back problems (too much running) I have looked for alternative forms of exercise. Biking and swimming have now become a part of the routine.

Arnaud, who works at the 10km bikeshop in Boitsfort, is a semi-professional. It was impressive to watch him ”dancing” on his bike. It just looked so effortless. A lot to learn for an amateur like myself.

Brabant Wallon (southern Belgium) provides great biking routes. The canals are especially suitable for biking.

I was still on a rental bike. Can’t wait to get my new bike. It is supposed to arrive in the first week of April.

I remember my 10th birthday when I got a brand new Kulkuri, a well known Finnish bike. Can’t even describe how excited I was. The funny thing is that some 30 years later, I have that same sensation of excitement. Some people just never seem to grow up…

Tomorrow I am off to Finland on a two day ”tour” – will be visiting my 80th high-school, among other things.